The Calm Before The Storm

Hi, everyone.  It always gets quiet for a bit while we ramp up to the next conference.  The next one coming up is the Payson Book Festival, July 21.  Payson is a great place to go during the summer and this book festival is held at the  Mazatal Hotel and Casino, Payson, AZ, which is just inside the city limits as you come from the south on SR87, out of Phoenix.  It will be a wonderful reprieve from the heat.

In the meantime, we just signed up to begin producing audio books on ACX, which contracts with Audible and a couple other audio producing books.  Our next steps will be interviewing readers and getting The Quest read, then submitting it to be purchased by you, our wonderful readers.  We understand this could take about six months, but what a great Christmas present for your friends and family members who like to listen to their books as they drive to work, or due to vision issues.  Now no one will need to miss out!  So exciting.

Also, TJ and I are working on our next book.  It will be the story of Nogar the Golden Dragon and how he met the Thorns, and how they formed a peaceful coalition for finding knowledge, adventure, and exploration through their galaxy and beyond.

So, if you are in Arizona, or need a drive from around the Four Corner states, come see us at the Payson Book Festival.  It is sure to be a good time.

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