Paper and Kindle and Audio, Oh My!

Who knew, back in the 1970’s, there’d be three ways to read a book?  I am including paperback and hardback in one category since inside they are both… paper!  These are the ones that smell like print and paper and glue, and you hold them in your hands, dog-ear the pages, and read them over and over until they are worn and well-loved.  I have about a thousand of them on my bookshelves; everything from Zane Gray to Moby Dick.

Then there are the Kindle books, the electronic, convenient books for reading on the go and never having to dust or find a shelf for.  I read them on the airplane or in the hotel when I am traveling.  My tablet is so much easier to travel with than a stack of books and magazines which take up too much space and are much too heavy (see what I did there?).

And now, for you lovers of the Mirror Gate Chronicles, coming soon to a player near you, are audio books!  Yes, TJ Boyer’s rip-roaring saga of the Wizard Shaméd will soon be on Audible, iTunes, and YouTube.  We’ve auditioned a couple readers and settled on one to be the voice of the Mirror Gate Chronicles.  He has agreed to read our first four books, as they are the cornerstone of our series.  We cannot wait, either.  With our timeline, it looks as if all four books will be completed by Christmas.  How much fun will that be?

Remember what I said in the last post about it being the calm before the storm?  Well, it is never calm on the worlds of the Mirror Gate, so hang onto your dragon.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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