A Hitch in Our Git-Along

You think you are having a regular day, eating lunch with dear friends from work, when your darling husband says, “Do I look funny?”  I am thinking, “Is this a trick question?  You always look funny; that’s why I married you.”  But instead you ask, “What’s wrong?”  He says, “Well, my mouth feels tingly and I think I’m slurring my words.”  Oh, no.  So I look at his face, and yes, his left side is drooping, but I don’t hear the slurring.  He always talks like that.  And yes, we’re talking about TJ, our wonderful author.

Off we go to the hospital, where we stay for about 24 hours, ’cause when you say “stroke” in the Emergency Room they just admit you for observation and tests.  I knew he was pretty much ok, because he didn’t lose his sense of humor during the whole ordeal, but still.

Happily, all the tests were negative, but sadly, we don’t know for sure what happened so we’re calling it a TIA (transient ischemic attack) which is like a mini-stroke.  It hasn’t progressed or left much sign of an issue, except his mouth doesn’t want to smile on the left.  BUT he isn’t drooping, so we are going with that.

TJ had a heart attack three years ago, which some of you know, and while he was in the hospital, he also had a stroke, far more frightening than this one.  He couldn’t talk and he was drooping and weak on his left side.  They took care of him, quickly, and he hasn’t had anything since then, until this time.  We are blessed by God, again.  God blesses us everyday, regardless of whether things are good or bad.  His plan for us is not something we can always see, so maybe it is this reminder:

Here is the PSA for strokes:  F (face drooping)  A (arm weakness)  S (speech difficulty)  T (time to call 911).

He is fine, today.  We went for a short walk (it’s too stinking hot) and now he’s on his computer, typing away at his next book.

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