Recap of Payson Book Festival

Wow, did we ever have a great time at the Payson Book Festival this past weekend.  It was enlightening, fun, and the weather was cool!  Payson is about 5000+ feet and it is 15 – 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix.  That makes the drive up there worth the time, but mostly the Book Festival was really a great experience.

There were about 80 writers, including Dave Munsey, who used to do the weather on Fox 10 Phoenix.  Dave wrote a book about his life called Munsey Business, so we got to meet him in person.  He’s been an icon in Phoenix for years and years.  He began the “Watch Your Kids Around Water” program.

There were a number of other authors who we got to meet including Buckshot Dot who has been in Arizona most of her life.  She writes western music and poetry.  We also met artist Sharon Langdale who has a new book out, but is also a painter.  And last, but not least, we met the nice lady of the Payson Radio Station KRIM-LP,KRIM-LP, Pamela R Newman, who interviewed TJ for her show.

In the meantime, The Mirror Gate Chronicles and TJ Boyer did very well.  TJ spoke about his Creative Process in one of the Speaker Forums.  When we figure out how to put the videos together (there are three) into one big one, we will post it out on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  We are not quite that technical.

In the meantime, look for TJ & Elizabeth’s books on Kindle and Amazon.  Just type in The Mirror Gate Chronicles, and they will pop up.


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