Viva “Combatcon” Las Vegas!

Wow, wow, wow have we been so busy.  It’s barely a week since the Payson Book Festival, and this coming Wednesday we are flying up the freeway (in our Firefly speeder) to (viva) Las Vegas for Combatcon!  We are so excited!  This will be our first one.

We understand Combatcon is, and I quote, A Celebration of Martial Arts in Popular Culture.  There are classes and panels all related to some kind of martial arts.  And guess what?  TJ will be speaking about his Editing Process.

We’ve lowered the prices of our e-books on Kindle to $1.99 each for this convention, also.  Now you can join us as we “travel through space and time” via the Mirror Gate.

We really hope you can make it.  Please do come and stop by our table at the Flamingo Convention Center!

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