We’re Back!

Hi, everyone! We are back from our vacation to Washington State. We drove three days up, gathering parts of our family with us as we went. We got to Friday Harbor, WA, where we stayed for three days, celebrating our sister, Susan Wingate’s birthday. She’s also an author. You can follow her here: Susan Wingate.

Then we drove back down for three days, dropping off said family members until we were home. We had a great time. We saw orca whales, deer, and little convicts, along with other great nature.

We are really tired from all the driving, but it was so worth it in memories.  The photos are at Facebook.com/ElizabethAjamie-Boyer, by the way.

You should check out our Facebook page at:  Facebook.com/TheMirrorGateChronicles.

There will be more news about upcoming events, soon.  Please keep watching this page.

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