The Quest is Available on Audible

Hey, friends and fans!  The Quest is available on Audible at this link, right now…

If you are a first time Audible reader/listener, use this link, instead.  This will give us bonus points and I’m not ashamed to tell you that!  Also, stand by for a contest for a free Audible book.  We will be giving away five of them, October 1st.  It will be a drawing.  Details will be forth-coming.

We are very excited and we need all the reviews we can get.

We would like to know stuff about how much you liked the story, if you would listen to the next book, and if you like our voice actor.  His name is Michael Christopher Gines and you can look him up at this Facebook link.  He’s a great guy.

We would like to know more about you guys, also.  Please join us on Facebook and like our page.  Feel free to add a post about who you are and what you enjoy reading.

Thank you for being our fans and friends.  We appreciate it very much.

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