Trials and Tribulation

Hey, everyone.  We haven’t dropped off the face of the planet.  We had a family crisis that required Elizabeth to have surgery, but she is recuperating well, and we are continuing to re-edit our stories as we get ready to have them made into audio books!  The Quest is out, now, and the Journey is in the process.  We are excited and hoping it will be ready in a couple weeks.

You can get the Quest here (click here).  It is free with your new Audible Trial RIGHT NOW.  In the meantime, it is also available on Kindle for $4.99.  What an amazing deal.

TJ has been working feverishly on two, yes, TWO Mirror Gate Books.  One is about how the dragons of Rednog came there and discovered the Mirror Gate portals.  We can hardly wait to get it edited and published.  It may be a while as illness has sort of stopped our forward motion.  We will let you know more on this soon.

Thanks for continuing to support us!  There will be more to come soon.

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