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New Books, Writing, Editing, Writing, Editing!

Elizabeth’s treatments are complete and she is getting her hair back.  Things have settled down considerably except for the writing, editing, writing, editing.  TJ is working on four books at the same time and Elizabeth is editing them, as well as editing her own story.

TJ is working on a history of his planet, Rednog, and also how the dragons and Thorns found Rednog.  These books will be available by Phoenix Fan Fusion (click here for Fan Fusion website) at the end of May, so stay tuned.

Elizabeth’s book is a historical fiction account of the Underground Railroad.  She’s editing it, beefing it up, and re-editing it, again.  Her sister and fellow writer, Susan Wingate (click here for Susan’s page) edited it once prior to this phase, also.  

We just want you to know there is a lot going on and we have not fallen off the face of this planet!  You can find our books at Amazon (click here).


2 thoughts on “New Books, Writing, Editing, Writing, Editing!”

  1. Reblogged this on Susan Wingate and commented:
    Sometimes I help edit other writer’s work. Mostly I do but there are times when someone’s story is so great, that I have to agree to help. My sister, Elizabeth Ajamie Boyer has written a historical novel about slavery’s underground railroad. She did a great job and I am champing at the bit to read the completed story. Anyway, enjoy TJ Boyer’s blog post about writing and editing.


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