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The Cold in Phoenix

Hey-di-ho, Readers!  How are you around the country, and maybe the world?  We are progressively working on several books at one time and it is taking a while, however, we should have 2 books ready for Phoenix Fan Fest (click here).  YES!  We will be there at the end of May.  It is always a good time for us and we will be dressing in costume for it.  There will be photos.  The convention doesn’t have all their contributors listed, yet, but we will be in the Artist Alley.

I want to say the winters in Phoenix are very different from the rest of the country, and I will tell you why:  first off, it’s a dry cold.  What this means is 50 degrees feels very cold here because if you remember your science from high school, dry molecules are smaller than wet molecules, so said dry molecules pass through your clothing easier, especially if the wind blows.  At least that is my theory.

Additionally, Phoenicians from AZ, not Phoenicia, do not have the proper clothing for cold weather.  We have maybe one sweatshirt, one long-sleeved t-shirt, and a windbreaker.  No long socks, no parka, and only chemo patients wear beanies.  This is my other theory.  We forgot how to dress in layers because by 3 PM we have to begin stripping down to just our inside clothing as the temperature rises to 65 degrees.

So traveling to places where it is actually cold, like the San Juan Islands in Washington State isn’t fun in the winter.  We don’t have snow boots.  We also don’t like the dim light.  The winter days are REALLY short of sunlight.  Arizona people like sunlight.  Some clouds, occasionally, are nice, but really?  Months of no sun?  I’m talking from October to sometimes June with no sunshine.  I’d have to pack a sun lamp in my overnight bag.

That is why we stay in Phoenix.  We dislike how hot it gets in the summer, but we can drive an hour or two and voila’ we are in a cooler place.  We can do the same in the winter if we have some weird desire to get cold.  Drive north to the mountains.  I understand snowbirds.  I really do.

In the meantime, we are writing, editing, rewriting, editing.  Please find our Kindle books on Amazon at (click here.)  The Quest is on Audible and it is free if you sign up for Audible.  You can also get the paperback, or the Kindle version there.

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