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Memories of War by Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer

I am so excited.  Today we loaded Elizabeth’s historical fiction to Kindle and Amazon.  The story is a novella, which means it is a fast read.  Here’s the description:

A new graduate from Auburn Theological Seminary in New York, Markus Petersen travels across country with his new wife, Meggie, to settle in Maysville, Kentucky right before the beginning of the Civil War.  Unbeknownst to them, their life becomes caught up in the tumult of the war between the States when Markus becomes involved in the Abolitionist movement and assists his friend, John, Jr. with spiriting slaves to the north via the Underground Railroad.

It should be ready for all of you to purchase in a couple days.  It is so exciting to see a new book, your first book be published.  It will debut at Phoenix Fan Fusion at our Mirror Gate Chronicles table in the Artist Alley.  Watch for more information on that coming up.

The Mirror Gate Chronicles is our brand, so both of us, TJ and Elizabeth are represented on this webpage.  She’s been the co-authoring with TJ on The Mirror Gate Chronicles for several years, now.  Elizabeth is also working on a cookbook, however, that may be a ways out, as she has to actually cook the recipe and take photos so you can see what it should look like, and since she just got over being pretty ill, she’s a bit behind on it.  She’s also contemplating a new story.  Will it be about a lady outlaw, or something about Native Americans in Arizona?  Any feedback is excepted.  What is your favorite genre?

Our books can be found here:  The Mirror Gate Chronicles

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