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Book Mashup and Phoenix Fan Fushion

Hi, everyone! A bunch of writing is happening at this time. TJ and Elizabeth are editing two new books, Nogar, the King of the Dragons, and also the World, Rednog and the Thorns.  These two books are pre-books to the Shaméd stories, the first four of the Mirror Gate Chronicles.  We are hoping for release at the same time as Phoenix Fan Fusion, along with the compiled the Story of Shaméd the Wizard, the Mirror Gate Chronicles (click here). These are the first four books in one HUGE addition, available in Kindle form and paperback. Be aware, though: this book is seriously big. It will make a great coffee table book! Please leave us reviews. We read every one of them.

We will have information where our table will be at Phoenix Fan Fusion, soon also. It looks like we will be on the third floor. This is interesting, as we’ve been in the basement for the last, IDK, ten years.  We will be on the same floor as the exhibits, we hope. In the meantime, watch this space for more information coming soon.

Thanks for being our fans.

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