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The World Rednog and the Thorns

The sun was dying. Life on surrounding planets perished. The third planet’s water steamed and plant and animal life struggled to survive.

An unknown race, watching the solar system die, explored the third planet before total destruction ensued. They realized the amazing potential and fascinating attributes of the planet, with a special element in the air, land, and water with healing properties.

Being a powerful race, they found a new location, a new solar system for the planet, and moved it far from its decaying sun. When they did that, a time vortex formed around the planet causing time to be out of phase from the rest of the universe, just enough out of phase to bring the planet, the world, into a sentient state of consciousness.

The unknown race left the planet during a crisis, and it was alone for many rotations until one day a new race flew their star ships into its atmosphere, and the world reached out to form a new alliance.

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