Public Appearance news

The Mirror Gate Chronicles

Hi, our fans!  Phoenix Fan Fusion begins next week.  Who’s going?  We are excited to see all of you who can make it, at our table in the Artist Alley: A422.

There will be a drawing each day if you sign up for our blog email.  We will have the drawing at 6 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday, and 4 p.m. on Sunday.  You have to be back at our table at that time for the winner to be announced.

I am not sure if you all understand it, but The Mirror Gate Chronicles is our brand and TJ and Elizabeth both write under the brand even though we dabble in different genre’s.  All our books are available on Amazon and Kindle, and The Quest is available as an audio book, also.

We have several new books available this year.  Nakobee , The World Rednog and the Thorns, and Memories of War will be available. Also, we will be announcing Nogar the Golden Dragon to be available June 1, on Amazon and Kindle.  We are editing like crazy fools to get this completed.

There will be fun promotions going on all through the convention, so stop by.

We love comments on our blog and we love reviews on our books on Amazon and Kindle, so please go for it!

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