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Heading to Combatcon July 31

Hey, family, friends, and fans! We will be heading to Combatcon on Wednesday and setting up with our other writers, cohorts in crime! Hoping to make some money, but if we don’t we are calling it a vacation in Las Vegas!

Combatcon begins August 1 and runs through to the 4th, so if you want to make the drive, or you live around or in Las Vegas, it is at the Flamingo Hotel. People come from all over the country to show their talents, take combat type classes, and listen to writer’s panels.

TJ will be doing two panels, Sticks and Stones with Dr. Bruce Davis and Mightier Than the Sword. These will be informative and entertaining, so please join us!

Also, the Kindle prices for all the books will be reduced beginning August 1, so if you don’t have them, yet… All of the Mirror Gate Chronicles books will be free on Kindle for August 1. This will also be true of Elizabeth’s book, Memories of War.  One Free Day, and then reduced through the convention days.

Thanks for being our fans and all reviews of books and comments on this blog are welcomed.

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