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Writing and Remodeling Don’t Mix

The remodel of the kitchen is finished. We are exhausted and TJ has a cold, however, beginning tomorrow we will be back at writing and editing. We are in the middle of the story of Atrell. Atrell was brought to Rednog when he was found alone and abandoned on the desolate planet he called home. The entire civilization except for he, was decimated by an unknown force that radiated his entire world.

I, on the other hand, am working on two novels. One is a follow-up to And Freedom to the Prisoners, taking the story of Connie over to California Territory where her story climaxes. Does she stay with Clinton, or does she leave him and go with Lewis to begin a new life? What do you think happens?

The other novel is a true-ish story about my great grandmother, Miriam Ba’albacky who came with her sister Sarah from Lebanon when she was only thirteen years old. She left everything she knew behind, was very young, and unable to read and write. This story shows how her faith in God strengthened her to keep her family together during terrible trials and successfully raise her children into successful, God-fearing adults.

This is in addition to TJ’s writing like five other novels at the same time and putting together a short story book with four or so stories in it. We are tentatively calling it TJ’s Shorts. LOL

Coming up in March on the 21st, is the Verde Valley Comic Event at the library in Cottonwood, AZ. We are hoping Arizona fans will come up to Cottonwood to see us. We want to spread the love of our books around to the whole state, so get out of the valley and come on up.

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4 thoughts on “Writing and Remodeling Don’t Mix”

  1. WOW y’all are busy lil beavers aren’t you LOL Can’t wait to read them ALL … especially the one about Sito Miriam! Make sure you put the bullwhip scene in there 😉 Love you!


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