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A Brief (and hideous) Moment in Time

I try. I really, really try to keep positive about all the junk going on right now. I am torn between belief that we should be hunkering down to protect our family and friends, and thinking this is all a whole pile of poo. I feel as if this COVID-19 fiasco is just a trick to see how much the government can control us. But… We, TJ and I, are mostly staying inside except for things we have to do. We are walking our dogs outside the fence. And also, when I took Thomas to the doctor this week, I wore my face mask, because doctor offices are full of germs and … gasp… sick people.

I am working on my new story: Miriam – An Immigrant’s Story. This is a historical biography about my great-grandmother, Miriam Attalla. She was only 13 years old when she was taken by her sister and brother-in-law from Lebanon to America. To us, she was only a child, but to her family, she was a young woman on her way to find a new life, a husband, and have her children in a new world.

I’ve put down as much as I can to this point, but I am awaiting more information from my cousin, Jim Attalla. I’ve added photos this week, but I want to make this is at least a novella length book. I am only at about 20,000 words, so far. Due to the travel restrictions of COVID-19, Jim is stuck (more or less) in Florida, and the documentation he has is in Colorado. Gah!

TJ is putting together a couple story lines he wrote previously. He is attempting to make the two stories cohesive. I am actually unsure what he’s working on, though. I’m sure it is a lot. He writes prolifically. I am always amazed at the length of his novels. They typically go on for almost 80,000 words. Editing his work is always a long process. Usually I can cut his books back by about 5,000 words, but they are still long stories even at this length. I am lucky if I can pound out more than 50,000 words, myself.

If you look at our website, you will see all our appearances have been canceled so far this year. Phoenix Fan Fusion may open in September, but if not, they are holding our money for next year. I can’t remember if Payson Book Festival is canceled. I hope not, because I enjoy going up there for the weekend. Perhaps I will have TJ book us two nights this time and stay until Sunday afternoon. Payson is so beautiful and twenty degrees cooler than Phoenix. It is a nice break to get away from the heat in the summer. If we can’t do book shows, maybe I’ll convince him to take me on some camping trips up north. But there will be swimming with Elektra and Nasif ahead of me, and if things go right, a short jaunt over to see Simone and Arthur in Cali.

Finally, I am thinking of recording TJ doing an interview or book reading and putting it on here (the website) and on Facebook. We may also do a brief panel about world building or writing/editing with your spouse. Let me know if you are interested in seeing anything like that. Also, please feel free to forward my blogs.

Happy Spring, everyone!


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