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Written by the Finger of God

Did you know the Ten Commandments were written in stone, by the finger of God? I am reading through a chronological Bible right now, and I read this. Every now and then I find something that stands out to me and it is so interesting. God actually talked to people and interacted physically with people during those times. The stories and histories of this are unending in the Bible.

TJ’s and my books are not written by the finger of God. It’s just us, hoping our books are thoughtful and fun. His are mostly science fiction/fantasy and mine are mostly sweet historical fiction. We are currently editing Atrell, a story about another friend of Shaméd’s, and how he became part of the explorers. Atrell left Rednog and went on his own adventures during the time of moving the planet to a safe solar system. He meets creatures he’s never met before and ends up becoming the hero to a total nation, freeing them from slavery and oppression.

I am working on two books, Connie’s Story, and Miriam’s Story. Connie is a continuation of the Freedom book, following Connie and Clinton to San Francisco in the years following the ’49er’s gold rush. It documents Connie’s fight to survive while Clinton is off in the hills searching for gold and leaving her almost alone to make her own way.

My other book, Miriam’s Story is sort of stalled as I await more information from family members. However, the gist of this story is true, as Miriam was my great-grandmother and it follows her journey from Lebanon when she was a young teenager, to her new home in America. It is biographical and historical, and somewhat fictional. I am writing it in first person, though I was never able to interview her for this, but totally based on a true story through interviews with family members who knew her more intimately than I. I hope it is as intriguing to you as the whole project is to me. There will be a lot of photos and true family moments weaved throughout.

In the meantime, we are more or less hunkering down, but not because of COVID19. We are retired so we do not have to go out and away from home very much. We go to the grocery store with our masks on, go to church and social distance ourselves, spend time with the grandkids, and write. We are also watching all the DS9 TV shows on Netflix. It is fun. We both love Star Trek. I am putting the DS9 shows back into my memories. It is like watching them for the first time because we only watched them when they first came out a long, long time ago, and except for very few reruns of them, didn’t really see them, again, until now.

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