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A Short Review of Life (I Hope)

It is interesting how hindsight is 20/20. Too bad we don’t all “see” what life is going to be, or what it could be in 40+ years. The reason I mention this is because of events in the last 6 or so years.

When TJ and I were teenagers, 17 and 16 years old, we couldn’t see beyond perhaps a month or so in advance. For him, it was being concerned with where he might be sleeping or if he would be eating that day/week. For me it had more to do with if I would get good grades, or a special part in a play.

Due to this, TJ went to join the Army in 1972, and he ended up in the Army National Guard. The military set a portion of our whole life in a direction, but we didn’t really realize how we would benefit from it. TJ remained in the ANG for over 20 years. He was activated into the regular Army for Desert Storm, in 1991, and given all the rights and privileges of full-time military, including the retirement benefits. After returning home, he got a full-time job at Intel Corporation, where he had full benefits, also.

Due to this, in 2014, when TJ had his heart attack, not only did he have his Intel benefits, but come to find out when he turned 60 years old in 2015, he had medical benefits from the military, as well.

The military benefits covered me, also, so when I had to have two cancer procedures and medications including chemo and radiation, it was completely covered by insurance. We never saw a bill. This saved our home and our bank accounts. I can see how people become homeless. This life can be so difficult.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this. As a Christian person, I know all things are from God. The bad things, like illness and death, and the good things, like food, our home, our decent health, and blessings. We can’t see forward 40 years to what God has for us, good or bad, but we can look back and see how God uses a precarious situation like TJ’s being homeless and hungry to cause him to use his brain to figure out how to make his life more secure, which in turn caused us to marry and work together, finally answering God’s call on our lives, and ultimately, coming to a place where so much has been worked out through God’s blessings and talents, so the two of us are more or less secure for our future, together. It is hindsight showing us the “all things work together for those who love God,” principle. Romans 8:28

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