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A Miracle, or Two

We all want miracles. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about. Everyone wants something fabulous to happen to them. Some want to win the lottery. Some want to find everlasting love. Some only want to feel safe and secure. You know it’s true.

Laughingly, TJ and I talk about what we would do if we did win the lottery. Buy more than one home in different places so we could travel. Travel. Give money away to everyone. Feel financially secure, and never worry about bills. We know our chances are slim to none, but we buy those dumb lottery tickets and hope.

Because I was thinking about our last few (6) years, I realized we had some miracles right here in our own home. I went out to find out a fact or two for you all to consider. Did you know of all the people who have the Widow Maker Heart Attack (LAD), only 12% survive it? It is nothing short of a miracle that TJ went three days, suffering with this heart attack, finally went (was taken by force) to the hospital, and lived. It has been six years, now. He also had a couple strokes which didn’t leave him impaired, also. I don’t know if his doctor is the best in the state, but I am betting God heard us as we clung to one another through the whole, miserable ordeal.

We are only normal people. Just like all of you, so I don’t know why we were blessed; why I was blessed so much. I still have my sweetheart husband after all this time. Such a miracle doesn’t come by all the time.

Also, we beat the statistics about teenage pregnancy and marriage. I was pregnant before we were married, and we were 18 and 19 years old. Little had prepared us for being married. TJ’s parental home was mortally broken, and mine followed into death swiftly after our daughter was born. We struggled incredibly for years until our kids were just about pre-teens. We both worked, we went to church, and we had a lot of family time because we didn’t have money to spend. We went to parks to play, loads of board games and puzzles passed across our kitchen table. My life now, reflects these times. Our children live near us. They don’t hate us, most of the time. It’s all pretty nice. We will reach 47 years of marriage in January. Pretty amazing, and miraculous, if you buy into statistics.

Right now, we are both writing and writing. TJ has a book in its almost final edit. He has two or three others he is working on. I have two books going through rigorous readings and editing, and I am working on something I started years (and years) ago.

Miracles happen. We attribute our lives and our successes to God and His Son, Jesus Christ. It has been about 2,020 years since Christ’s birth. After His life (and death (and life, again)), the whole world changed. The entire earth bases its calendar on Him and His birth. Hospitals and orphanages have been built because of Him. Foodbanks and homeless shelters are run in His name. Missions go out into the world and teach people to read and write their own language; people who never had a written language before now have one. Jobs are provided, schooling is offered, and healthcare is given all over the world in the name of Jesus. Now that is a miracle. And it is still going on after 2,020 years.

Merry Christmas everyone!

2 thoughts on “A Miracle, or Two”

  1. We’ve both had our share (and more) of miraculous things happen. I’m grateful, too! Merry Christmas and may your New Year be filled with all of YAH’s BEST BLESSINGS!
    I love you!


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