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What TJ Boyer did in the Year 2020

Well, let’s just say 2020 was an interesting year. With the government telling everyone to stay inside, and because we could not travel, it meant we could not attend any of the conventions (we prepaid for). We, like many others, stayed inside and did these things:

Gained weight, lost weight, went crazy, divorced (we didn’t), avoided germy people, lost their job (we’re retired, so we didn’t do this, either), and just mostly complained about how stupid the government was handling everything (we definitely did this).

This is what I did:

I celebrated another birthday, my father-in-law’s passing anniversary, my wedding anniversary, and that was only in the first month of the year.

I sat in front of my computer and wrote. A lot.

I sort of did some other things, but mostly I worked on my books. Whenever I got an idea for a story, I would sit down and begin writing.

I have completed six stories (books), this year. They range from five that still need to be edited and the sixth one might be the last in the Mirror Gate Chronicles series. We’ll see. Elizabeth has ideas.

All my new books rangefrom 52391 to 74765 words. And now you know why I still need to edit them.

I have thirteen other stories started. Yes, I know, I should just concentrate on one at a time, but my head does not work that way.

Maybe next year will be better, and anyone who knows me, knows that won’t happen.

I am hoping Atrell will be in print by the end of January and at least two of the others in print by Phoenix Comic-Con:  I mean Phoenix Fan Fusion.

Have a great day, we hope to hear from everyone reading this and possibly seeing you at one of the upcoming conventions. We are grateful for your comments and for sharing our posts to your friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy (COVID19-free) New Year.

TJ Boyer and Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer

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