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60 Something

When you turn 65, you have to get new ID cards. Just saying. You get a new driver’s license, new military ID (if you are/were in the military), a new Medicare Card… Every insurance company in the US of A is annoying you to buy their part B. Fortunately for us, our military ID comes with part B, C, & D. It also includes prescription coverage. Hurray for us.

Another thing happens when you get older. People older than you start dying, too. Make sure those old folks have a will, ’cause without it, probate is not a fun job. Not that dying people are fun. They aren’t, but it is another level of difficulty without the will. It truly is.

Regardless of all that, life is not too bad over here in Phoenix, Arizona. No one in the immediate family is sick. Everyone is doing well, considering the state of the country, and TJ and I are both writing. The weather is perfect. It is still the middle of winter, but it’s running in the mid-70’s. You snowed in peeps would love it.

I am doing a final read-through on My Soul Awaits (Connie’s Story) and then I will do the same for Miriam’s Story. Soon, I will have a three book series, from Memories of War, then And Freedom to the Prisoners, and finally My Soul Awaits. That will finish up that story line. That being said, I am working on a Christian Romance. We’ll see how it goes. I really, really like the historical fiction writing, and I’m not as fond of romance, so…

TJ and I are like six chapters to go on Atrell’s final read-through, also. He has several books going all at the same time. Atrell will finish up the Mirror Gate Chronicles Series, so if you haven’t read them, yet, they are really amazing; a romping science fiction/fantasy mash-up full of action and surprises. These are seriously fun books. TJ is an amazing story teller.

We also want to wish you peace this year. This world is sort of in an uproar with plagues, earthquakes, and polar vortices. Remember that the God who created it all is in control of it all.

You can find links to all our books on our Book Pages. Thank you.

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