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The Mirror Gate Team: So Much Going On

Atrell, TJ’s latest book is almost completely edited, now. Elizabeth has a few notes for him to review, we need to decide on cover art, and then! Voila! We will publish on Amazon, as we normally do.

Elizabeth has published the third installment of the Memories of War – A Journey of Faith series. We use the term series loosely, as each book can be read stand-alone, but deeper understanding is received by reading them in order. Here’s the list and link, but you may also use the links on Elizabeth’s book page:

Book 1: Memories of War – A Journey of Faith

Book 2: And Freedom to The Prisoners

Book 3: My Soul Awaits

TJ’s books are all together under the Mirror Gate Chronicles on Amazon, but you should use the links on TJ’s book page. His series is a fun, rip-roaring story of adventure, sword-play, dragons, and love.

In the meantime, Phoenix Fan Fusion is off until 2022, and Combatcon is only allowing people who’ve had their Covid19 shots to attend in person. Because TJ is deathly allergic to vaccines (not just Covid19) he cannot take the shot, so we will NOT be attending. We may never attend, again.

That being said, Elizabeth got her first Covid19 shot. We’ll see how it goes. She’s taking it to protect TJ and others who cannot get the vaccine, or who won’t get the vaccine. It is their right, by the way, to choose not to.

BTW: No one should shame people who can’t or who choose not to. No one should shame anyone for anything outside of people who are breaking the law. Medical issues, like vaccines, are ONLY between a person and their doctor. Period.

In the meantime, you don’t need your vaccine to buy our books off of Amazon, and we wish you would. Please also review them. We appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading!

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