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Time, Time is on Our Side – Yes, It Is

TODAY! May 1, 2021! The long awaited story by TJ Boyer & Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer posted to Amazon for your reading pleasure!

ATRELL is current and ready to purchase on Amazon! You who use Kindle know if you have Amazon Prime, the Kindle Unlimited version is FREE!

Atrell’s rip-roaring tale traverses time and space as he leaves Shaméd’s team and Rednog for adventures of his own. He seeks to find reasons for the destruction of his homeworld, and to find any survivors who escaped. Atrell, surprised by his growing power, must decide how he can best serve the Three-in-One. On a planet secondary to his first plans, Atrell realizes they need his unique skills, and forms a coalition to put the rightful heir to the throne in charge of the country.

We hope you enjoy this book. TJ and Elizabeth learn from everything you communicate to them. Your reviews are cherished, the good and the bad. They are thankful for them and will respond to them.

In addition to this exciting news, a lot of work is being done behind the scenes at The Mirror Gate Chronicles (MGC). Elizabeth is reworking the first four stories, but this won’t be something seen easily. It’s an edit. No book covers will change, but prices might go down as she chops the dickens out of the stories, making them more readable.

Also, remember Payson Book Festival in July! These talented authors have a table there July 17, 2021. The weather in Payson this time of year is around 85*, and so much nicer than the valley. Please attend and get your books signed! They would love to see you. Also please write reviews for us on Amazon and forward this blog to your friends who read. Thank you.

Finally, be safe out there. Wear your masks and wash your hands. People have cooties. But the Bible says “Do not fear!” Isaiah 41:10

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