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Memorial Day and Why We Care

For my family, Memorial Day has special meaning. The meaning has to do with generations of our men joining the service, and some of them going away to war. If your family was never involved or related to anyone who served this way, I can understand your confusion.

My father, James Ajamie, and my uncles, Amil and Edgar, were drafted. My Dad and Uncle Amil both went to wars. The photo added is of my Dad’s grave at the Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix, AZ.

Then there was TJ, who joined the Army National Guard, and was called up to Desert Storm. He stayed in for over 21 years, and retired with benefits. Our niece, Belinda, and our nephew, William joined the army, too.

Their service makes us so proud of them and this country. The United States of America has her faults, some history of not such great things, but at the same time, much of her history is beautiful. We have great people from many countries and colors who have excelled, and some against great odds.

My family, as an example, are immigrants from the Middle East. There are familial stories about prejudice, grief, and much success. Believe it or not, the TV stations of the 1960’s told my Dad he looked too ethnic to be on TV. Really.

But he went on and was pretty successful on radio. My Uncle Amil was a very successful attorney, and Uncle Edgar was a business man. This country changed, and our family changed. All military service, at this time, is voluntary. Some forget how to serve other people, which is a sad commentary. They also forget how our history is full of people who fought in wars for good things, like ending slavery and saving Europe from Fascists like Hitler and Mussolini, among others.

We need to remember our freedoms. We have freedom of speech and religion, free elections, free schools, and we have the right to privacy regarding our medical procedures. Please remember that when you complain about people who can’t or don’t get their vaccines. It is their right. And it isn’t anyone’s business. Just one person’s opinion.

Thank you for reading our blog. Please feel free to celebrate this weekend. Be careful and don’t drive when drinking. Remember why we celebrate, too!

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