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A Rose By Any Other Name

Hi, all our dear friends and readers! We’ve changed our blog name from Elizabeth’s Blog to Mirror Gate Blog. It seems appropriate because that is the name of our website!

The writing adventures began years ago when our son, Thomas Nasif asked his Dad, TJ to put all his stories into book form. TJ always made up stories and told the kids incredible adventures he made up; all the yarns and fantasies he dreamed at night. He never truly thought to put them in books, but when he did, The Mirror Gate Chronicles were born! Since then, our hero, Shaméd the Wizard, has gone through so many adventures, leading his team of heroes on quests to find artifacts and writings from worlds all around the galaxy. Join us by reading the Quest. We guarantee you won’t stop until you’ve read all the books!

As the years passed, Elizabeth worked editing (and she still does this) but decided to finally write her own stories. These are totally unrelated to The Mirror Gate Chronicles, as they are historical Christian fiction about the Underground Railroad, and subsequently, the escape of a slave couple, and their adventure. The three stories are: Memories of War, And Freedom to the Prisoners, and My Soul Awaits. Click here to find them on Amazon.

Currently, TJ is working on several novels/ideas, some in the continuing sagas of The Mirror Gate Chronicles, and some having nothing to do with those, but new hero stories, adventures, and dramas. As he writes, TJ interjects his own personal style of tongue in cheek and humor, which keeps his audience alert and chuckling.

Elizabeth is re-editing all The Mirror Gate Chronicles books to give you a superior reading experience. She and TJ have learned so much over the past years, and the writing/editing is tighter and smoother. They are sure you will enjoy these novels.

Hopefully, we will have more information about book events coming up. Please feel free to comment, and forward our blogs to your friends and families. We long to hear what you think. All criticism will be considered gratefully.

3 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other Name”

  1. I can attest to the above statement: Once you start reading them, you won’t want to put them down until you’ve read them to the end LOL I loved them!!


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