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Hold My Beer

TJ and Elizabeth began writing a murder mystery this week. This is a true collaboration with both authors writing into the manuscript. Afterwards, they arm wrestle to see what stays and what goes.

Elizabeth’s friend, Barb suggested they be careful or they may end up writing a true crime story. Ha! To this, Elizabeth said, TJ and I, having been married over 47 years, our approach to marriage, to wedded bliss, has been less like synchronized swimmers and more like the sumo wrestler approach. Actually, she told Barb after being married so many years, there were tons of things they disagreed on, but they still clung to one another through their faith in Jesus Christ. True facts.

But without going into a tangent about faith, the new book, full of character twists and turns, looks as if it will spin the reader around and around, guessing who done it! The entire exercise is fun, working this closely on the same story. Both authors are tantalized by this work, and the prospect of writing something so different from their regular genres.

TJ specializes writing fantasy/science fiction. His series, The Mirror Gate Chronicles, boasts 11 books. You can get them (click here) on Amazon as paperbacks or Kindle.

Elizabeth’s first three books are historical Christian fiction, and can be found at this link (click here).

Each new book can take a year from beginning to publish, but TJ and Elizabeth will keep you in the loop about this new story, and any events they may present at. Hold my beer.

Thank you for forwarding this post to your friends. Comments are always enjoyed by the authors, and taken seriously, as well.

3 thoughts on “Hold My Beer”

    1. I’m learning patience LOL I will wait patiently Love you both! Jo

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