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Hoop Dee Doo!

You see that photo? So much truth here. There was nothing except dirt and maybe grass under those jungle gyms. Always at the top, you’d find me spinning on the monkey bars. You can’t find monkey bars, or jungle gyms in school yards anymore. Only plastic slides, and rubber mats where true lessons of life were once learned!

I died once…

We also had these tunnels of concrete, actual industrial sized concrete pipes, normally used for sewers. Three feet high, they were just tall enough for me to crack my head when I ran through and didn’t duck low enough. Bam! I always came home with a boo boo on my forehead. That’s how I died! I killed myself. I didn’t need a sister to do it for me.

Mostly, my childhood was idyllic. I never tried to drown my sister, like some would say. My hope was she would die from her ever dripping allergy nose. That kid was always sick. She’d drink chocolate milk from a Pepsi bottle, and then throw up all over the place. Not a fun playmate, for sure.

We did do better, she and I, as she got somewhat healthier as a teenager. Allergy shots saved her, and we found out we had more than a mom and dad in common. We had Drama! Before that were the dance and gymnastics classes, but in high school? The play’s the thing, to quote the bard. Actually, Hamlet said it, along with a bunch of other stuff I’ll not add here.

However, today I’d like to tell you about good news. Two loved ones got well from the plague this month! And additionally, it’s been 3 years since the deathly cancer Dr. Matthew Borst saved me from! I am being called one of the good girls at his office because there’s no recurrence of the cancer. He retired last December and poor Dr. Willmott inherited me. She’s a lovely young woman. I imagine she’s pretty smart, also. From this side of 65 years old, she looks about 32. She’s probably a bit older, but I can’t tell ages anymore. I have 2.5 more years of bi-annual checkups, and they will declare me healed! Along with this healing comes neuropathy in my feet and hot sweats at night. The PA, Melissa said it’s normal after chemo. I hate chemo. These drugs are like a gift that keeps on giving. My best cousin, Posey calls chemo bug spray. She’s right.

In the meantime, TJ flew off (leaving on an airplane) this morning, to attend a memorial for his brother Howard’s wife, LouEllen. She got pancreatic cancer, which many people know is actually THE DEATHLY CANCER. I believe it was only very early in this year we found out she was sick. We are so sorry about her passing, however she is not sick anymore! She is triumphantly sitting with the angels and has no pain or sorrow. Howard and the kids will miss her. I know this because I miss my Mom and Dad all the time. It’s the oddest feeling being without parents. I know my sister, who I didn’t try to kill, feels the same way.

As for writing, we are still collaborating on that murder/mystery. We have around 38,000 words completed. TJ went to Michigan without sending it to me to work on. I have to make myself busy continuing the re-edit of The War, Book 4 of the Mirror Gate Chronicles. There’re only about 35 more pages to go. We will let you know when the book is fresh and out there on Amazon/Kindle. The readability will be so much better. Trust me.

In the meantime, it’s fall in Phoenix. The temps are in the 80’s. We planted a garden full of healthy veggies, and yes, even tomatoes! This is one of the good things about Phoenix. While the rest of the country suffers in snow and freezing temps, we are planting spinach, squash, tomatoes, green onions, and some other nummy things… Oh yeah, bell peppers. The bees are buzzing and flowers are blooming! Even our strawberry vines(?) are happy. Summers suck, but Autumn, Winter, & Spring are delightful.


Stay tuned to our blog. Please feel free to forward to your email list and Facebook crowd. God loves you!

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  1. LOL I love the way you two girls tell on each other  it’s call sisterly love LOL  It has actually been nice here; mid 70’s daytime and mid 50’s and 60’s nights. 

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