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Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song

A long, long time ago in a land not so far from here, TJ Boyer and Elizabeth Ajamie met in high school. They were freshman at East Phoenix High. They attended English class together. Near the end of high school, TJ was in the Army National Guard, and the couple married.

This life they chose wasn’t easy. Marriage was the hard road. Additionally, neither made it to college until several years after their marriage. By that time, they had two children, Sonja Michelle, born in Phoenix, and Thomas Nasif.

Most of their lives has been in Phoenix, but they spent two years in Kalamazoo with TJ’s family. Thomas Nasif was there at Bronson Hospital. Needless to say, both of the young people didn’t like how cold it was in Michigan, and missing their families who lived out west, they decided to go back to Arizona.

They went to church, Calvary Chapel of South Phoenix, for about ten years, until a church split caused the South Phoenix church to disintegrate.

Nothing about their marriage was easy. Early on, the little family was poor as church mice, often living with other family members, but once they settled down in Phoenix after Thomas was born, they both worked and were able to keep a house, and finally by it.

TJ was able to go to DeVry college for a time, and this gave him the opportunity to get a decent job at Motorola, and later at Intel Corporation. Elizabeth went to South Mountain Community College, and received an Associates Degree and a Certificate of Nursing. Later, she also got a Bachelor’s Degree at Arizona State University in Political Science. After that, Elizabeth worked for Intel and General Dynamics, with a couple smaller jobs in between.

Even when finances were less an issue, the relationship remained volatile, and the couple separated for a time, deciding what was important. Their decision brought the family together, again. TJ and Elizabeth didn’t want to be divorced. Remembering why they loved each other at the beginning of their relationship, and desiring to please God, they moved back together, again and sought counseling. That was twenty-seven years ago. Since that time, they concentrate on being partners instead of adversaries, going to church, loving their children and grandchildren, and writing books, together.

Currently retired from the nine to five, the two are collaborating on a murder mystery, which is outside the genres they usually write in. TJ’s books are mostly science fiction/fantasy, while Elizabeth usually writes historical Christian fiction, or romantic Christian fiction.

TJ and Elizabeth are writing their own romance novel through their 47 years together. They are blessed by God with three grandkids, as well.

You can find their books here: click. This blog will also lead to their website, so check it out. Please feel free to forward this blog to your own social media, also, and to your email lists.

Thank you.

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