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Like a River Flows…

TJ & Elizabeth got married, still in high school, and now, forty-eight years later– HISTORY. Yes, there will be a small celebration on Friday, January 21. They are pretty happy, this crazy couple who’s love flows like a river to the sea, and some things are meant to be.

Recently, TJ had surgery on his left shoulder. The doctor believes the repair will be successful with full return of use to the arm! Hurray, and thank God. Literally, TJ and Elizabeth are thanking God for all the good things He gives them! Although, this doctor doesn’t believe in God, their God is preeminent, giving them a very skilled doctor. God is, after all, the one who bestows talents and gifts on people. And God believes in this doctor to do a good job.

TJ’s pain levels are pretty acceptable and he doesn’t need a lot of drugs. Neither he or Elizabeth like taking pain meds, any meds, really. They only take what they need to live a good healthy life.

In the meantime, TJ has our murder/mystery: Death at Hell’s Canyon, at his desk where he’s listening to it for any errors or boring spots. Except he’s not, because of surgery pain. But he’ll feel better in a couple more days, and then the team will be back on track!

Elizabeth is working on a novel she began some time ago, a Christian Romance. She is not fond of romance novels, but she felt she could write something edgy and interesting, so she is working on Cheyenne on Her Mind, a story about 50 year-old Ruth who moves to Cheyenne, Wyoming, in search of a new life after her husband of 30 years trades her in on a new model.

Yes, this book will be for the ladies who like to read romance. You guys can wait for something TJ is writing. Something with blood, guts, action, and adventure. You will also probably like the murder/mystery, but remember, Elizabeth has a large hand in writing this book, also! Actually, she is avoiding romancy stuff, so no worries!

Elizabeth and TJ would love to hear your thoughts on their books, and their blog, so replying in comments is welcome. Book reviews on Amazon are requested.

Additionally, the team will be appearing at the Tempe Fan Con, January 29, 2022. After that, they will appear at the Verde Valley Comic Expo, March 26, 2022. Click on the links for the dates and time! Elizabeth and TJ will be looking for you! Just let them know you saw this on their webpage for a free gift.

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