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Can I Have My Ball?

TJ’s arm is doing well. Physical Therapy is three times a week, and we survived the Tempe Fan Con event last Saturday. There are great photos on Facebook here. Photos of our books, TJ, and our handsome grandson, Nasif, are posted there.

SO! The good news is our new manuscript, Murder at Hell’s Canyon, just went to our proofreader! Potentially, that means we will have a new book ready for our April or May event. A cover has to be chosen, a real editor needs to be engaged. If murder mysteries are your deal, your favorite genre, please watch for this one to be posted for sale!

Speaking of events, we have one event for each month, except for this month, February, and also nothing in June. In March we have the Verde Valley Comic Expo, in Cottonwood, AZ. April, we are driving to Las Vegas for the Fan Boy Expo (more info to come on that). In May, we are going to Globe for the Haunted Paracon. I will post the link for this soon. In July, we have the Payson Book Festival. We hope you will attend one of our events if you are in Arizona, or Nevada. If you attend and say you saw us on Facebook, or read this blog, there’s a small token of our appreciation waiting for you!

Currently, I am editing one of TJ’s books, the Reluctant King, and writing a romance novel. This one is called Cheyenne on Her Mind, about a woman who’s husband trades her in for a newer model. She packs it in, moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming, looking for a new start, a new adventure in her life. What do you think? Any romance novel lovers out there? Because of my faith, this novel will be sweet fiction with problems and reconciliation for my main character and her life. Please feel free to let me know if this genre interests you.

I don’t know if anyone is paying attention, but the titles to all my posts for about the last ten have been song titles. Because very, very few people respond, I thought I’d better tell you so you’d wake up. I am being facetious. I love you people. I hope you read our blog, and our books.

We’d truly love it if you forwarded our blog to your email list, or to your Facebook friends. Comments are very, very welcome about the blog or our books. Happy Valentines Day.

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