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It’s So Exciting! We Just Can’t Hide It!

Holy schmokies! The Mirror Gate Chronicles writing team of TJ Boyer & Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer are the busiest ever! We have six events all the way through July! One per month, across Arizona, and in Las Vegas.

Here’s the list:

March 26, 2022           Verde Valley                           Cottonwood

April 22, 2022             Fanboy/Rio                             Las Vegas

May 14, 2022              Globe Haunted Paracon          Globe

June 4, 2022                Desert Foothills Book Fest     Scottsdale

July 23, 2022              Payson Book Festival             Payson

If you come to one of these, mention you read about it here on our blog, we have a small token of our gratitude for your friendship and patronage!

Additionally, we received our new murder/mystery, Death at Hell’s Canyon, back from our proofreader, Billie. Our next steps there will be reading the story aloud, together, tightening up the storyline, and making ready to send the manuscript to publishers! Even more, we will look for some cover art, putting together something indicative of crime and cops.

TJ is working on several stories at one time, while Elizabeth has a romance novel progressing along. In addition to that, she’s re-editing all the original Mirror Gate Chronicles for a smoother reading experience for all our fans! We have a series of short murder mysteries, action stories, and a biography we are working on, as well.

Please feel free to forward this blog to your family and friends who love books. All comments are welcome, too.

You can find us here: as well as at this website.

2 thoughts on “It’s So Exciting! We Just Can’t Hide It!”

    1. April. We’ll be at the Rio for the Fanboy Con.
      We may print a few of the mystery ourselves, away from Amazon, so we can sell them, btw.


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