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We’re Going Our Own Way

The Verde Valley Comic Expo was amazing. TJ and Elizabeth had a great time, sold a few books, and met a bunch of great people. Their friend, Duann Black came up and hung out. If you didn’t make it, perhaps you will think about future events in Arizona! Check them out on the events page.

Our next big event is in Las Vegas, NV. If you are in that area, please come join us! We’ll be at the Rio Fanboy Expo April 22-24. Pray for us to have a great event.

In the meantime, Elizabeth is working diligently reworking the murder/mystery she and TJ recently completed. The next thing is a final re-read, and a book cover. The title is Death at Hell’s Canyon Quarry. What do you think? The story is based in Arizona, near Ash Fork. Hell’s Canyon is a real place, however, this is a work of fiction. They have some great ideas for book covers. An up and coming artist, Simone Michelle, will be helping with the design.

TJ is working on a couple different stories at this time, as well. One is a follow-up to the Reluctant King, making three books in that series. As you know (or you might not know) the Reluctant King and Invasion are follow-on books to the original Mirror Gate Chronicles story. The Mirror Gate Chronicles are the adventures of Shaméd the Wizard, in his epic adventures through the Mirror Gate portal.

If you’ve read this far, you will see TJ and Elizabeth have a full schedule for 2022, including a book fair in Scottsdale, Globe, and Payson. We want you to join us at any of the events if you are in those areas. Let us know you saw our blog. We’d love to see our fans. Please review our books, making comments.

Additionally, Elizabeth is clear of cancer for the third year. Five years clear is the time when the doctors will declare her cured! Now that the plague is mostly passed over, life can get on back to normal. However, use caution. Wash your hands. Stay away from sick folks. Use common sense. We wish you health, love, but mostly, as the Easter season is upon us, we wish you Jesus our Lord. He is the reason for the season.

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