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OH! The Places You’ll Go!

We were in Las Vegas, NV at the Fanboy Con, this past weekend. Neither of us enjoys LV, but our cousin lives in Henderson, so that was the highlight of the weekend… Dinner with Joanne, Chris, and Chad!

At the same time, we met fun people at the convention, particularly John Wayne Comunale. He writes horror books, and plays some hard rock music. He and his partner, Scarlett were a laugh a minute.

Lindsay Wagner from the Bionic Woman, and Lee Majors from the Six Million Dollar Man, along with Fred (the Hammer) Williamson, prior football player and actor who played a role in the original Star Trek series The Cloud Minders, were there. Fred and Tim really hit it off, speaking extensively about his football and acting careers. I, in the meantime, acted all fan-girl over Ms. Wagner who I met in the restroom (LOL). I told her thanks for being such a great role model back in the day.

The Rio Resort rooms were decent. Clean and spacious, they were also quiet. However, there was no (very necessary) coffee pot or microwave oven. Searching for an affordable cup of joe was a challenge. You can find photos of the event here.

We have events May through July, and at this time, one more in November. Please look at our events page for those. Also if you join us at an event, and mention this blog, we will give you a small token of appreciation.

We love your comments about our blog, our books, anything like that. Let us know if you are a new friend we met somewhere. And for sure, please forward our blog to your friends who read.

God Bless.

1 thought on “OH! The Places You’ll Go!”

  1. LOL that’s what I like … an honorable mention 😉 It was great seeing you both! Enjoyed dinner immensely! Love you and hope to do it again soon!

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