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Working on the Chain Gang…

Writing is hard work. I think I’ve mentioned that before, but it really is hard work. You have to come up with an idea, write down some stuff you can say about the idea, make a tentative outline, do any research needed, and sit wherever you sit to write. A good catch line is important. Without grabbing your reader’s attention, your book sits there. Doing nothing. Every word you write/type, you have to think, is this important? Does it make a difference? Is my prose too wordy–not wordy enough? Then there’s editing. Our faces look like that emoji pretty much daily.

Poor TJ’s been editing the Amazon/Kindle/Author2Market sites. He’s a road warrior, staying on task until everything is right. Additionally, he adds pages and pages to his current tome.

My Cinderella

In the meantime, I have re-edited the first 6 books of the Mirror Gate Chronicles, all while working on the mystery, Death at Hell’s Canyon, and the romance, Cheyenne on Her Mind.

Death at Hell’s Canyon is ready for a read-thru, and final edit before publishing. Cheyenne on Her Mind is at 40,000 words, with no end in sight, so far. Something will break soon, though. Do they decide to part ways forever? Or will it be happily ever after? I am not a big Prince Charming and Cinderella fan, but who knows?

We are on the verge of summer, with Phoenix weather heating up. The temps remain a steady 95* most days. That’s hot summer weather to many of you, but only barely warm to Phoenicians. We’ll complain about pizza oven temps when it’s 110* for days in a row. We’re pretty busy most of the summer. No vacation for writers.

For events, you can find us at these upcoming venues:

May 14, 2022              Ghosts of Globe Paracon          Globe, AZ

June 4, 2022                Desert Foothills Book Fest     Scottsdale, AZ

July 23, 2022              Payson Book Festival             Payson, AZ

November 19, 2022 Author Expo Verde Valley, AZ

If you show up, mention you saw this invite, and we’ll give you a small token of our appreciation.

As always, we love reviews on Amazon, we love replies here on our website, and we love forwards to your family and friends. Thank you for reading!

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