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When Will I See You Again?

Oh my! The Mirror Gate Chronicles gang had such a great time at the Ghosts of Globe Paracon! Vinnie, our host watched over us, making sure we had everything we needed. The event turned out great!

And this year is flying by! Can you believe we’re halfway through May already? I, for one, can’t believe how quickly the year is passing. TJ and I are excited being able to go out in public to events, again.

In the meantime, we are writing, writing, writing. Finishing up on the murder/mystery, hopefully this week. The photo in the background here, is the cover. Let us know what you think! Once we finish the edits, additions, and edits, Death at Hell’s Canyon Quarry will post on Amazon and Kindle for your reading pleasure. We will make that announcement when it happens.

Death at Hell’s Canyon Quarry is a story about Detective Alan Anderson, late of the Dallas, Texas police force, but now in Ash Fork, Arizona. A woman is found floating in Hell’s Canyon Quarry. Her death is deemed accidental, but suspicious. All leads go cold, and the case is filed away. Three years later, a spate of deaths, all similar, occur. Still looking accidental, Detective Anderson has deja’ vu, feeling these can’t all be accidents. Do we have a serial murderer? How are these people linked together? Why would anyone want them dead?

Death at Hell’s Canyon Quarry will debut at the Desert Foothills Book Festival, June 4, we hope. Come see us there to get your copy. Here’s the link to the festival: Desert Foothills. We really do hope you’ll join us! We have a (small) gift for anyone who says they saw us on Facebook or this blog.

As always, we love your comments. Don’t be a stranger. Being strange is okay, though! Please also feel free to forward our blog to your friends lists. Have a blessed life.

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