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Arizona Dreaming . . .

Death at Hell’s Canyon Quarry—a story about Detective Alan Anderson, late of the Dallas, Texas police force, but now in Ash Fork, Arizona. A woman is found floating in Hell’s Canyon Quarry. Her death is deemed accidental, but suspicious. All leads go cold, and the case is filed away. Three years later, a spate of deaths, all similar, occur. Still looking accidental, Detective Anderson has deja’ vu, feeling these can’t all be accidents. Do we have a serial murderer? How are these people linked together? Why would anyone want them dead? How does his team, including Becky Tsosie, a Navajo college student, figure out who the murderer is?

It’s on Amazon and Kindle! Death at Hell’s Canyon Quarry is at this link for pre-sale on Kindle: right here! We will publish paperbacks on Amazon, June 1, 2022!

Needless to say, TJ and I are over the moon! This is a true collaboration of minds. TJ brings grittiness and I bring color! Those of you who know us, you know this has to be fun, quirky, and surprising!

We will be appearing at the June 4, 2022, at the Desert Foothills Book Fest in Scottsdale, AZ

We will have copies of Death at Hell’s Canyon Quarry freshly printed and available, along with our other books at this event!

Because the murder/mystery is finished, TJ will begin writing on other manuscripts he has in the queue, and I will pickup the romance novel, the biography of my great-grandmother, as well as edit TJ’s short mysteries which we will be turning into a book of short stories. I may throw one of my short stories in there, as well. Hmm. There’s a cookbook in the works, also. Yeah, we’re pretty busy.

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You can find TJ on Amazon, here: (HERE).

You can find me, Elizabeth on Amazon, here: (HERE).

Thanks for reading!

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