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Two years before the Civil War, new graduate from New York’s Auburn Theological Seminary, Markus Petersen and his new bride, Meggie travel south to settle in Maysville, Kentucky where Markus will become assistant pastor at the local church. Once there, they get caught in a tumult of war between the Union and the South.

Markus’s faith in God’s commandment to love your neighbor as yourself, and his strong Christian morality lead him to side with the Abolitionist movement. Assisting his friend, John Lane, Jr., they spirit slaves to the north via the Underground Railroad.

In doing so, he risks everything, his new wife’s safety, and his own life. MEMORIES OF WAR is one family’s tale of hope and courage during a tragic time in America’s history.


Running from the South to the North looking for their freedom, Joe and Berutha Petersen held hands as they stood with other slaves in the shadows of the peach trees near the Ohio River bridge just outside of the town of Maysville, Kentucky. The conductor walked up to his associate, already there keeping the small group quiet. As he gave them final directions for their trek the new conductor recognized Joe and Berutha, and nodded at them while he handed out a small quantity of supplies to everyone.

Berutha’s heart pounded in her chest in anticipation and trepidation about the escape.

“Let’s go, folks.” The conductor motioned to them to move and they followed him over the bridge, out of Kentucky and through the woods and into Ohio.