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The Party’s Over, and A New Party Begins: Cancer Saga #18

I. AM. SO. EXCITED.  Yes, I am.  My last radiation was Tuesday, and now I can recuperate and get to living my life.  Tim and I have two scheduled events for the year for our book writing/selling, and I am working on editing his books, and guess what?  I had my favorite writer, Susan Wingate, edit my story!  Now I have to go in and make changes to it, also.  Susan basically said she liked my story, then she shredded it.  It is ok, though, because when I’ve gone through it, again, it will be so good.  Since Susan is my sister, I can give her grief here in my blog, by the way.  Just click on her name, above, to see what she writes.  Her stories are amazing.

I stopped seeing a doctor when I was in my late 20’s because he was my general practitioner, and he was only about 5 years older than me, and so, so, … so good to look at.  Let’s just say I had a physical at that time, got super embarrassed, and never returned.  Soon after, I began seeing doctors who were women.  How many of you ladies understand this?  Yeah, I know, right?

I know I told you I wasn’t going to tell you all about the radiation treatments, but I decided I could trust all of you to understand this was a medical treatment and it was necessary to my longevity, so here goes.  I will redact everything I think is too much information so no one is offended by anything.

So, the Radiologist performing the radiation treatment is one of the best in Phoenix.  AND he is very handsome.  I am just glad I’m not in my 30’s anymore.

Dr. Radiologist is probably not 40, yet.  He’s dark and lovely to look at.  But I’m not (thankfully) in my late 20’s, either, nor am I lovely to look at, and sometimes you just do what you have to do.

Because of the cancer being serous (not serious) endometrial uterine cancer, it is a pervasive cancer that likes to hide in dark places.  The chemo was a total body wipe, and it is more or less specialized for this cancer, however, due to it’s sneaky ways, radiation of the (redacted) area is needed as a cleanup.

What this means is, the handsome radiologist (redacted) a  (redacted)(redacted)(redacted) and it is 3 times the size of a standard  (redacted), then they fill it with some kind of fluid.  The “(redacted) thing” has 12 wires/leads hanging from it that are attached to the radiation machine.  The radiologist goes into the secret chambers where he and the physicist (yes, a physicist) do some witchcraft to determine how to administer the radiation.  Between the radiologist, the physicist, and the medical assistant, way too many people were in my business, if you get my drift.  I basically told the radiologist that, by the way.

They then turn on the machine for 10 – 12 minutes and radiate my (redacted). When they come back in, they unhook you from everything, you get dressed, and you go home.

The whole process takes about 1 hour from start to finish.  Tuesday, I got to say “stick a fork in me, I’m done!”  For real.

I was going to add a picture of the radiation machine, but it would just eliminate the reason for the redactions, so forget it.  This program doesn’t allow for blacking things out, so sorry, no black lines where the words should be.  I used(redacted) instead.

Last blog I complained about my skin, which has cleared up.  I actually think it is looking pretty nice except for the dark circles under my eyes, however, now I have a cold, but it isn’t a horrible one and I can still breathe.  This is unusual for me as I generally get asthma/bronchitis when this happens.  I will take even these small miracles.  If you remember last year, I had 3 colds and at least 1 flu.  It might have been 2 allergy attacks that lasted 3 weeks each and 2 colds, but when you are recuperating from surgery, you don’t want any other illnesses.

Tim and I went to Yuma last weekend for our forty-fifth anniversary.  Well, we used this as an excuse to leave town, but we went to see my cousins, Louise and Pam, on my Mom’s side.  Some of you with whom I worked remember Mom died 2 years ago?  I was gone from work for about 3-4 weeks over Christmas and came back sick?  Well, Mom was an artist.  She painted in oils, water colors, drew in charcoal, and also sculpted.  Susan and I split up her paintings, et al, and I hung what I wanted in my house and shared mine with my daughter, and still had about 30 paintings left, so Tim and I took them to Yuma to the cousins because my Mom loved those girls, and we let them go through the rest and take what they wanted.  It was fun and awesome knowing the paintings are in the family and that the cousins have them and appreciate them.

It was a fun trip and we got to hang out with these cousins I never get to see, and also look around Yuma.  We went to the Yuma Territorial Prison Museum and it was very interesting for those of you who might be intrigued by Arizona history.  I really enjoyed my time there.

Now I am looking toward the future, recuperating, and generally going to enjoy myself.  This rough segment of my life is mostly behind me.  Please keep watching for my blogs because I am not finished writing.

6 thoughts on “The Party’s Over, and A New Party Begins: Cancer Saga #18”

  1. I’m so excited for you and Tim! You have a new lease on life, and I pray that only wonderful people are in your future!! No more handsome doctors!! Love you!!


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