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Lost In The Exercise

We have been writing, editing, writing, re-editing, rewriting, and re-re-editing the two new Mirror Gate Chronicles books.  I mentioned them in February and now it’s April!  Holy cow, time flies when you are so busy you can’t figure out what day it is.

The new stories are called Nogar the Golden Dragon, and Rednog and the Thorns, but not in that order.  These are prequels to the Shaméd stories and fill in a bunch of blanks about Rednog-the World, the Thorns, and Nogar.  Along with all that, TJ has put the first four Mirror Gate Chronicles books together in one huge anthology.  You can get it on Kindle (click here).  This may make it easier for some who don’t want to buy four books at a time.

The new stories will probably be ready for Phoenix Fan Fusion (click here), also, so if you are going (and who’s not?) you can get them from us at that time.  Our table will be in the Artist Alley.  We’ve typically been around row AA400, but watch for future posts so you can find us easily.

Elizabeth’s book, Memories of War, is also available now, in both Kindle and print versions on Amazon (click here).   We are really excited about this little book.  Here’s the description:

A new graduate from Auburn Theological Seminary in New York, Markus Petersen travels across country with his new wife, Meggie, to settle in Maysville, Kentucky right before the beginning of the Civil War.  Unbeknownst to them, their life becomes caught up in the tumult of the war between the States when Markus becomes involved in the Abolitionist movement and assists his friend, John, Jr. with spiriting slaves to the north via the Underground Railroad.

So yes, this is an historical Christian fiction story about the Underground Railroad.  We hope you enjoy reading it as much as Elizabeth had writing it (blood, sweat, and tears).  There was some gnashing of teeth and murmuring in there, as well.  You haven’t lived until you take criticism from numerous people on your work of art.  It takes you to a new level of humble.

We have a calendar of things happening this summer after Fan Fusion so stay tuned to this blog (same blog channel, same blog station) for more info!


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