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NEW BOOK! Nogar the Golden Dragon!

Nogar the Golden Dragon is released on Amazon Kindle today! (click here)

This is the 10th story in the Mirror Gate Chronicles, but it is a prequel to the series featuring Shaméd the Wizard. This is the dragon story of the year.

Here’s the brief on it:

Before Shaméd the Wizard, Rednogording the King of the Dragons was uniting the races by forming a coalition to fight evil in the solar system. In his adventures, he discovers a special planet. As he explores this new world, he finds evidence of a forgotten civilization and magic left behind.

When he dies from a serious injury cause by protecting his mate, Rednogording leaves behind a chaotic coalition, and a son, Nogar who has to put it all back together with the help of his subjects. The special planet, is forgotten for a time, until Nogar’s mother reminds him about it, and he journeys to continue his father’s investigation of it.

Each book TJ writes, he puts his whole heart and soul into until it is finished. Elizabeth works with him, and hand-in-hand they pound out the saga until it is a fascinating adventure. We sincerely hope you enjoy this story.

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