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In Light of the Plague

The world is in turmoil from the recent events of COVID-19. We really don’t want to fall into that maelstrom of doom, so we are hoping to keep this blog light. We also do not want to politicize our blog. Just leave it to say we are doing what is expedient at this time. Our opinions (and yours) don’t matter.

At the Mirror Gate Chronicles office, books are being written and edited, but there is nothing new out on Amazon at the present time. TJ is working on several stories, but hasn’t picked up Atrell to do some final edits. Elizabeth has Miriam’s Story in the works, but is waiting on information from a family member. Additionally, she has the third book of her (it wasn’t going to be a) series almost to 10,000 words. The working title is Connie’s Story, but it will change as soon as inspiration strikes.

You may remember Miriam’s Story is about Elizabeth’s great-grandmother and her immigration to America in the late 1890’s. She was only thirteen years old when she was sent here with her older sister and brother-in-law. This will be a biography mixed with historical fiction in order to fill out the narrative. Very much of it is truth with creative vision added of how things may have been. Elizabeth’s heart is in this story and she wants to make it a monument to a woman and a family.

Connie’s Story is about Connie Laney who traveled with her husband, Clinton, by wagon train across the United States in 1860. The wagon train leaves behind Connie’s good friends in Chino Valley, Arizona Territory, and travels onto San Francisco, California just after the gold rush period. Clinton all but abandons Connie to fend for herself in this rough city, so she begins to take in laundry and tailoring while competing with the Chinese and Mexican workers left behind after the gold rush. Connie meets new friends and begins a life of her own, at the same time worrying if Clinton will return to disrupt her new freedom. It is a story of growth and spiritual awakening. There may be a love story hidden inside it, also.

TJ and Elizabeth are not allowing the prevailing times to dishearten them. They still see, and are blessed by, their kids and grandkids almost every day. They can go to church, although socially distanced from people (and wearing masks).

Elizabeth spends up to an hour and a half each day, reading, praying, and meditating on God’s word, the Bible. Her hope for the future, her courage, and her strength comes from that time.

Thank you for reading our blog and may the God who is creator of all things bless you and keep you.

You can find their books here: (click on me)

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