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It Isn’t Easy, You Know It Isn’t Easy

Writing isn’t easy. You know how I know this? Two ways: 1) I write, and coming up with story line or poetry stresses you out. Even if you love it. And 2) So many people tell me they’d love to write a story, but just don’t think they could. I think everyone has a story to tell, but you cannot convince some folks.

I guess, in some ways, I’m ahead of the curve. I’ve been writing since I was 6 or 7 but didn’t realize what I was doing. I had a diary, one of those little girl diaries, all pink and flowery with a key, and I wrote in it all the time. By the time I was 10 or so, I had a little camera I took photos with, too. I do not know what happened to that little album I had. It could be hidden in a box somewhere. There are a few boxes with my diaries and journals from the almost 60 years I’ve been writing. Yes. 60 years.

If I could find those journals, I would share a little of the contents with you. Things like the girls in third grade are mean, or Dad and Mom took us to Carlsbad Caverns, and it was so fun. I know there are my thoughts about life and stuff, too, but I would really have to read the actual journals to tell you about them. It is TOO hot to go out to the shed to search for them. More than halfway through summer and it is still 115 degrees for the next several day. Don’t even say it’s a dry heat. Convection ovens use dry heat, too.

In more recent events, I remember telling all of you about Tim’s heart attack, and how I was hanging onto God, and I knew He was good and would take care of us. And He did. Then there was the day Tim fell and tore all the ligaments in his shoulder except one, and he had to have surgery, and still God was good and He took care of us. Next, I had two years of cancer, surgery, chemo, and radiation, and guess what? God is good and He has taken care of us, still.

Now there’s a plague. A few of my family and a few of my friends have caught it, but they’ve recuperated. I actually know only one person who has died from it, and his immune system was suppressed by diabetes. It is so very sad. Although I haven’t seen him or his family for years, he was a decent man when I knew him. I feel badly for his family, for their loss, but I also know he was a child of the Living God, so I expect we will all see him, his family, and his friends, we will all see him in heaven, someday.

The thing is, we forget everyone dies. In this culture of I’m gonna live forever, and it’s my way or the highway, we don’t prepare people for death. The Bible says man is given only a certain number of years to live. That means, even though we’ve eradicated some diseases, something is going to get us in the end. We are a gluttonous nation and culture. We want, want, want, and we fail to restrain ourselves or our children. To be fair, some people are not gluttonous. Some restrain their desires, and are giving, caring people, but you can’t see this in the culture the mainstream media pours out. We are brain-washed into believing unrestrained lifestyles are good, and money makes you happy, and celebrity means you are smart. But when you actually look at these things, you know this isn’t true. Debauchery leads to death, money doesn’t love you back, and celebrity only means you are pretty enough for a camera or can play a sport. We mix our self-worth up with what people think of us and not what God thinks of us.

So I write this blog. I write my books and help TJ with his. My books, I hope, end with love, faith, and hopefulness. Happy endings, or at least endings that leave you caring about life. I desire to cause people to think, even though the books are fictional. I want you to like my heroine. I want you to know who the bad guy is, and see that the protagonist has weaknesses, but in the end she is an over-comer. We are to over come until God calls us home.

In the meantime, TJ and I have no upcoming events this year. We are hoping for a fresh start in 2021. However, we are both writing and writing, and editing and editing. You can find our books on this website and on Amazon. We’d be honored if you would read them and give us a review.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” (2 Timothy 1:7)


2 thoughts on “It Isn’t Easy, You Know It Isn’t Easy”

  1. Nope, Sure isn’t easy LOL which is why that story that is “in me” hasn’t come out yet … and probably won’t until I’m dead and someone else decides to write it ROFL

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