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You Know We’ve Been Through the Desert Foothills Book Fest!

WE had a blast at the Desert Foothills Book Fest last Saturday. We had a great time hanging with dozens of other authors including Patricia Brooks, Connie Cockrell, Stephanie Barton, and Haley Rose. There were so many more, though. If I were you, I’d click on the link below to see all the wonderful authors who attended! Next year when the Desert Foothills Book Fest comes around, you should really join us!

June 23 & 24th, we’ll be at the Chino Valley Author Expo & Comic Convention. This is a two day event, and it’s ten degrees cooler there than in Phoenix, which makes it worth the drive. We can’t wait for this event. We hear a lot of people turn out.

In the meantime, Death in Hell’s Canyon Quarry is live on Amazon! If you have Amazon Prime, it is free on Kindle! That being said, you can now get it on Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle for your e-reader!

TJ is working feverishly on a new science fiction story! He has a tentative name, but we’ll be probably changing it. I’m working on a short story collection. It is mainly his stories, but will include one short of fan fiction by John Doane. John is our friend who gave creative input into the Mirror Gate Chronicles books. We are excited about John’s writing as it expands a special character in those stories.

After Chino Valley, we are hoping to attend the Cornville Cornfest. More info coming soon! Watch our events page!

Next we are definitely attending the Payson Book Festival. You can find the dates and times for those events on our event page. TJ will be presenting a World Building Panel at the Payson Book Festival. World building is creating an entire civilization somewhere (usually) other than the planet Earth. At the same time, there are many stories where worlds are built outside of regular earth-like places such as The Borrowers or Arthur and the Incredibles.

So much is happening. This is the busiest we’ve been with events. Ever! We hope you’ll join us at one of them! Additionally, we’d love to see your reviews on Amazon and for you to forward our blog to your friends who read. We appreciate your comments, too. Thank you for being our fans!

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